• Top 5 Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers

    Top 5 Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers

    Are you a job seeker trying to land your dream job? Do you want your resume to stand out from the rest? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will share the top 5 resume writing tips for job seekers. Customize Your Resume to the Job The first tip is to customize your resume to the job you’re applying for. Employers receive hundreds of resumes for each job opening, and you need to make sure your resume stands out. To do this, read the job description carefully and tailor your resume to highlight the skills

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  • How to create a killer developer resume that showcases your software engineering skills

    How to create a killer developer resume that showcases your software engineering skills

    This article will help you prepare a resume that is both professional and effective in getting you hired. Recently, I wrote an article on how I prepared for job interviews and how I finally got the job I wanted at Twitter. Many people reached out to me (over 400+) in order to find out more. They wanted to learn how to create a great resume. This article was compiled by Kristin, a senior tech recruiter at Twitter. She was a great friend and colleague during my recruitment process. This article is about: What should you include in your resume? Do not include any slang in

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  • How to create a great Software Engineering resume?

    How to create a great Software Engineering resume?

    A detailed analysis of my resume which got me interviews at Google and Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Microsoft, Microsoft, and other companies. My resume was a great help in getting interviews at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Google+. 2017 Senior Year Résumé These interviews were obtained by me sending my resume to the blackhole. Also known as applying online, Online applications are the most popular way people apply for jobs, but they also offer the lowest chance of landing a job due to the competition. But that’s exactly how I got all my interviews. How did I do it? This article will provide a

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  • Why is my Resume getting rejected?

    Why is my Resume getting rejected?

    There’s a new email notification on your phone. Expecting a reply after you applied to a favorite company, you rush to open your Gmail account, only to find another rejection email without clear feedback. Anger, lack of self-esteem, doubt, and despair are just some emotions you may be feeling at that moment. Don’t lose heart, though – we have a write-up below on why your Resume may get rejected, so you can quit going as if blindfolded when applying for jobs. In short, we will address the following points: Insufficient resume value proposition – not consciously packing the best skills and

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  • What is a Cover Letter?

    What is a Cover Letter?

    Ask yourself: “What is a Cover Letter?” This article will explain the basics of cover letters and their purpose. We also discuss what you should include in yours. A cover letter is as important as a resume when you apply for a job. When you submit your resume, a cover letter is a must. This allows you to personalize your information and tailor your application for the job. It can be difficult to know what to write if you’ve never written one before. This expert guide will give you a brief overview of the subject and point you in the right direction

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