Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

While there are many good and not-so-good resources that can help you navigate the job hunt, none of them will guarantee you a new position. There are many other resources that can help you find a different way than the one you have read.

However, hiring managers can all agree on some objective points you should avoid when searching for a job. Here are eight mistakes that you shouldn’t make in your job search. What you can do instead?

Submitting the application

First mistake: Not reading the job posting carefully or disregarding directions

Double-check the job description to ensure you are following all instructions and asking questions. You might need to submit all your materials in one PDF file or address specific points in your cover letters.

#2 Mistake: Applying inadvertently

You do not have to be a “numbers player” when you apply for jobs. Your chances of getting a job increase with the number of applications. Choose jobs that match your skills and interests, and only apply for those positions. Next time you see a job listing that seems like it might be a good match, think about the kind of work that motivates and inspires and if this role matches those values.

#3 Mistake: Not proofreading

Everybody knows that it is crucial to check application materials for typos and obvious errors. However, applicants who submit job documents without proofreading them are still at risk of being disqualified. Double, or triple! Before you submit your application to the hiring manager, make sure that your resume and cover letter are checked. If you discover that your materials are making the same mistakes, please take a look at our guide to correcting common resume errors.

Interviewing is a great way to learn:

#4: Trashing an old employer.

Negative remarks about your former employer could make you appear difficult to work with. The recruiter might take your words and think about how you will adapt in the new role. What if you don’t like your boss?

Do not dwell on experiences, even if they were negative. Keep your eyes on the positive things you have learned and how you intend to move forward (hopefully with the new company).

5th Mistake: Not paying attention.

You may become distracted by the surrounding environment if your interview takes place over the phone or via video conferencing software. Hiring managers will be able to tell if your eyes are on the screen while you talk or if your phone is open.

This is something that you should be concerned about. Make sure you find a place free of distractions so you can focus during your interview.

6th Mistake: Not emphasizing that you are interested in the role.

We all have different visions and financial needs that can impact our career choices. If you are interviewing for a job, there must be something that makes it stand out from the rest.

Hiring managers want to understand the reason you’re applying to work for their company, and what your contribution will be to the overall culture. This point should be stressed when you prepare for an interview.

There are other mistakes you should avoid

Sin #7: Ignoring Social Media

While social media faux pas are embarrassing, they can also lead to job losses. You can search your name on the computer of a friend or open an incognito browser to see what Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo have about you. You can clean up your digital footprint to prevent potential employers from seeing it before you apply for your next job.

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